Ajwa Seeds Powder (AL_ANSAR) – عجوہ کجھور کی گھٹلی کا پاوڈر

Ajwa Seeds Powder (AL_ANSAR) –  عجوہ کجھور کی گھٹلی کا پاوڈر

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The benefits of Ajwa Dates have been provided in a number of hadith:

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:
“He who eats seven Ajwa dates every morning, will not be affected by poison or magic on the day he eats them.”
Grade: Sahih (Bukhari)
Reference: Sahih Bukhari: Vol 7, Book 65, Number 356
The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:
“If somebody takes seven Ajwa dates in the morning, neither magic nor poison will hurt him that day.”
Grade: Sahih (Bukhari)
Reference: Sahih Bukhari: Vol 7, Book 71, Number 664
The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:
“The Ajwa dates of Aliya (village near Madinah) contain heating effects and these are antidote in the early morning.”
Grade: Sahih (Bukhari)
Reference: Sahih Bukhari: Vol 7, Book 23, Number 5083
Benefits of Ajwa dates seed powder
Ajwa dates are a wonderful gift by nature. Ajwa Dates seed powder has some miraculous cure to a number of the foremost dangerous and customary illness that humans has ever come upon with. The good thing about ajwa khajoor is its capability of preventing and curing heart diseases.

Ajwa dates seeds powder is extremely effective for the treatment of blocked heart arteries. It helps to decrease cholesterol levels (LDL) in the blood and triglycerides.
Ajwa Dates Deliver decent energy due to carbohydrates content, which enhances your exercise routine and in turn ultimately vital for heart health.
Ajwa khajoor is also recommended for those patients who have advised angioplasty or bypass surgery.
People who have high blood pressure should take ajwa seed powder daily in the morning.
Patients of high blood pressure should take ajwa seeds powder in the morning on daily basis.
Ajwa dates and seeds are rich in potassium. That’s why ajwa dates seed powder is helpful for heart health, it can also help reduce the risk of stroke and can ease anxiety.
Because of carbohydrate content, Ajwa dates deliver a burst of energy. This improves your stamina during exercise.
Ajwa Khajoor powder is also good for those patients who have been advised bypass surgery or angioplasty.
Ajwa dates are rich in potassium. Because of that, ajwa khajoor is helpful in heart health as Potassium can also help reduce the risk of stroke and can relieve anxiety.
Ajwa Date is a good herbal treatment for Anemia i.e. inadequacy of Blood in the body. It not only helps in maintaining level of Iron but also Hemoglobin in the body, by producing Red Blood Cells.
It is fruitful in preventing abdominal diseases and disturbance of intestines, strong remedy to kill the worms of the abdomen and cure Constipation.
For pregnant ladies ajwa date is helpful. The utilization of Ajwa dates amid and after pregnancy improves blood flow in mother and child bodies and it is useful for growth of mother milk as well.
Ajwa Seed Powder is also helpful in Male Infertility.
It is favorable for well-being of the Digestive System, as it removes toxins from the Body.
Get healthy & bright skin and to cure various skin problems.
Ajwa Dates are often used for the prevention against black magic, frustration, headache, poison and mental disorders.
Beneficial for poor eyesight, night blindness and eye related diseases.
Ajwa dates are most effective for throat issues, fever, edema and urinary tract infection.
Ajwa Date may be a good remedy for sexual disability; it ought to be used with milk and honey. It improves the energy state in body as well.
Ajwa date powder is also useful in reducing weight.

Ajwa Dates Seed Powder & Medical Science
Medical Sciences have revealed that the use of Ajwa Dates on daily basis reduces the risk of heart diseases upto a great extent, which alternatively has a great impact on your quality of life, and keeps you away from the hospital.
Ajwa Dates is recommended by Prophet Muhammad [PBUH], There are many Hadith about Ajwa khajoor which proves that it has an amazing capability to care heart diseases.
Ajwa is a type of Saudi dates that have been used & recommended since the time of Prophet Mohammad [PBUH]. There are various hadith of Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] about the ajwa dates which say that ajwa khajoor have a wonderful capability to cure and remove heart disease.
Along with Ajwa Khajoor, its seed powder is also a magnificent solution for heart problems. Ajwa Dates Seed Powder is packed with health benefits. It contains all essential elements like Potassium, Iron, Calcium and Zinc minerals.
Ajwa dates are also full of natural fibers along with oil, calcium, sulfur, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, copper and magnesium.
Other elements are Vitamin B-12 and Biotin which is extremely useful in reducing cholesterol & fat levels. Today’s science says that ajwa dates powder is effective in protecting against abdominal cancer.

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