All Day Clean With Me! Clean & Disinfect My House After Being Sick!! MissLizHeart

All Day Clean With Me! Clean & Disinfect My House After Being Sick!! MissLizHeart

Hi guys Happy New Year!! I have missed y’all so much! So this long break was so not on purpose! I did take a break during the holidays to spend time with my family but then I got hit with an awful virus, it took us all down including Sebastian. So the first thing I did was clean and disinfect our entire house! In this video I’m sharing with you how to disinfect your house after being sick, hopefully it’s helpful!

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Seen in video
Play mat
Cordless vacuum
Steam mop
Sofa is Ventura extra deep from ZGallerie
full length mirror (similar)
white faux marble tulip table
Honeycomb vase

DIY Disinfecting spray
1 part water
1 part white vinegar
1/2 part rubbing alcohol
Few drops of dawn soap
20 drops of essential oil of your choice

Cleaning & Disinfecting Tips for your home after being sick
1. Wash and disinfect all blankets and bedsheets by washing in hot water.
2. Disinfect all toys by spraying them down with a DIY disinfecting solution, then you can wipe it down with a wet cloth right after it dries.
3. Wipe down all door knobs and handles and any surface that gets touch frequently with disinfecting wipes
4. Disinfect all remote controls and phones.
5. Disinfect the floors with a steam mop or you can also use the DIY solution.
6. Use fresh flowers or fresh plants to disinfect the air.

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