alzheimers and dementia | 10 Things to Do to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease – alzheimers disease

alzheimers and dementia | 10 Things to Do to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease – alzheimers disease

alzheimers and dementia | 10 Things to Do to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease – alzheimers disease

10 Things to Do to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.

The term dementia covers all the symptoms of a decline in mental ability which interfere with the everyday life of a person.

The most common symptoms include memory loss, mood, and behavior changes, learning, and thinking issues. The most common cause of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease.

Other reasons include depression, medications, thyroid gland problems, chronic infections, head trauma, vascular changes, Parkinson’s disease, vitamin deficiency.

If the cause of dementia cannot be treated, more and more brain cells die, and the symptoms get aggravated. Yet, if the reason is treatable, like vitamin deficiencies, medications, this set of symptoms known as dementia is reversible.

Despite genetic predisposition, dementia might also be a result of various psychological, environmental, and lifestyle factors.

These are the risk factors for dementia:

Head injuries,
Medication that contributes to developing dementia,
Alcohol use,
Low physical activity,
Cardiovascular factors (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes),
Impaired function of the thyroid gland,
Vitamin deficiencies and poor diet,

Here are ways to reduce the risk of dementia:

1. B Complex Vitamin:
2. Control Your Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Fasting Blood Sugar, and Weight:
3. Fish Oil:y.
4. Be Careful with Anticholinergic Medication:
5. Vitamin D:
6. Protect Your Brain:
7. Be Physically Active:
8. Challenge Your Brain daily:
9. Stay Connected Socially:
10. Quit Smoking and limit Alcohol Intake:

Surprisingly, people who drink 1-6 drinks a week have the lowest risk of dementia, and the risk is higher in people who do not drink alcohol at all.

This is due to the fact that moderate drinking has slight antioxidant effects, especially red wine. If you start practicing these valuable tips, you will successfully prevent dementia or at least significantly lower the risk of its onset.

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