AMAZING DIY 2020 | How to make Hand Sanitizer. Industrial formulation

AMAZING DIY 2020 | How to make Hand Sanitizer. Industrial formulation

supet fast, easy and non light weight formulation. Quick dry without harm your skin and remove bad bacteria, odor, germs, and virus. This is the simple and industrial formulation that i can share to you.
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Making Hand Sanitizer/100g=100%:
45g – Clear Water Base Gel (link belowπŸ‘‡)
1g – Glycerin Usp
1g – Propylene Glycol
1-5g – Aloe Vera Extract
52.5g – Isopropyl Alcohol
0.5g – Perfume Oil or Essential Oil

πŸ€“Note that this formulation is self preserve due to high content of Isopropyl alcohol. No preservative needed.

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