ASMR Lotion & Oil Ear Massage (NO TALKING) Varied w/ Gel Pads for Extra Tingles! ❤️ 2 HOUR

ASMR Lotion & Oil Ear Massage (NO TALKING) Varied w/ Gel Pads for Extra Tingles! ❤️ 2 HOUR

Hello! ❤️ This is a 2 Hour ASMR Lotion, Oil and Gel pad Ear Massage which includes some ear tapping, cupping, long stroking sounds Etc. intended for relaxation, study and sleep! ????

I mostly used the thick Body Shop body butter for this, but I also included a little bit with some Calendula oil and then used the smooth gel pads with the lotion/oil to add some variety and hopefully give you extra tingles! I tried to vary the intensity throughout, so there are some more gentle parts, but also more intense massaging sounds like the long forearm stroking that a lot of you seem to enjoy. I also turned the mic around towards the end of the video to give a different angle and a slightly different sound (don’t worry, I flipped the audio too, so you’ll still hear it on the side that you see me massaging ;)???? Thanks so much for watching/listening, I hope you enjoy this one ❤️

Basic time stamps;

00:01 – 02:05 – Plain ear massage, a tiny amount of lid sounds and gentle lotion hand sounds

02:06 – 33:50 – Lotion ear massage with thick body butter, varied with a little ear tapping, cupping, ear scratching etc.

33:51 – 56:59 – Long forearm stroking starts here, mixed in with the regular massaging sounds

57:00 – 1:07:53 – Massaging with thick Calendula oil

1:07:54 – 1:13:42 – Massaging the oil into your ears with tingly gel pads/silicone sponges, some sticky squishy sounds

1:13:43 – 1:39:40 – Massaging your ears with gel pads and the body butter

1:39:41 – 1:56:47 – More gel pad massage but with the mic turned around, so it’s like I’m massaging your ears from behind you, kind of 🙂

1:56:48 – Massaging with bare hands, getting more gentle towards the end and with darker lighting

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❤️ Love, ASMR Magic xoxo

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