Australia Fires | Pray for Australia Fires | Healing Australia Guided Meditation | Pray for Rain

Australia Fires | Pray for Australia Fires | Healing Australia Guided Meditation | Pray for Rain

Together we can send love, prayers and healing to all those who are affected by the devastating fires in Australia. Now is the time for us to stand strong, united … and join as one.

We have within each of us the healing creative power to do this.
All we need is to gather the people and with your help … they will come.

Together we WILL create a healing miracle of epic proportions.

Group meditation has been scientifically proven to absolutely create major positive change when everyone is focused on the same outcome so the more people involved the bigger miracles we WILL create. Just imagine groups of people all over the world, all participating at different times, Australia, her people and animals will be consistently held in our loving and healing embrace. Complete healing and transformation will follow.

Please share this healing meditation with all your friends and family across all your favorite social media platforms, Facebook messenger and even in your email so that others can become aware that they too have the opportunity to help in this powerful healing movement.

I have infused the entire guided journey from start to finish with REIKI TO CLEAR TRAUMA, PAIN and SUFFERING … REIKI FOR HEALING and REIKI TO RESTORE PEACE, LOVE and JOY.

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Expect epic changes my friend!

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