Base Note Essential Oils | Make Perfume

Base Note Essential Oils | Make Perfume

Base Notes usually the backbone and foundation of the blend, is what the users will remember most about this particular fragrance. The scent of base notes will last the longest in the air and are what you smell after about 30 seconds of applying it to your skin. The base note is added to the mixture first. Examples of essential oil base notes include Vanilla, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Frankincense, Lichens, Cinnamon, or other earthy and woodsy scents. Typically, a therapeutic blend has only one base note oil in it as it will stay the longest on the skin and can last up to 72 hours in the body. Aromatic blends can have one or more base oils to add character.

Chemically speaking, base notes are made up of sesquiterpenes or diterpenes and are mainly found in roots, gums and resins. Therapeutic blends will typically contain one base note, while aromatic blends may contain more than one. However, for any blend to be successful, they must have a combination of all three notes.

It is very important when making an essential oil blend to mix the extracts in order starting with the base note, followed by the middle note and finally the top note. This ensures your blend will create a sensational aroma known as a “bouquet” by staying in tune with odor intensity as well as finding notes that strike a chord and harmonize well together in therapeutic properties.

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