Bite Toothpaste Bits Review [USA]

Bite Toothpaste Bits Review [USA]

A zero waste toothpaste option, Bite toothpaste bits are a more sustainable and environmentally friendly option to traditional tubes of toothpaste.
I can’t really fault Bite and what they offer with their toothpaste bits.

They are nicely presented, taste good, create a nice paste with no clumping or powdery texture.

There are many positives such as the lack of chemical additions to the mix, suitable for vegans and generally made in a more socially responsible way.

The lack of flouride does mean they are not the best option in my opinion, given leading dental bodies advise using toothpastes with this included.

If however, you are aware of the implications and are actively seeking fluoride free then these tablets are a great option.

There is a price to be paid for some of the benefits and you have to be passionate and able to afford this premium to justify the purchase.

However, it can be worth it for many, particularly regular travellers, who need to think smart about what is in their carry on.

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