Blending Essential oils Top Note Middle Note Base Notes

Blending Essential oils Top Note Middle Note Base Notes

blending essential oils top note middle note base notes Whether you are blending essential oils for beginners or refreshing your existing knowledge of essential oil blending ratio this how to blend essential oils video will explain aromatherapy top note middle note and base note ratios. Learn the difference between essential oil top notes, essential oil base notes and essential oil middle notes and how long they stay in the body.

Formula for how many drops of essential oils you need to add to your carrier oil:
Number of ml of carrier oil multiplied by 20 then multiply by .025

Multiply 10 ml x 20 = 200…. Then multiply 200 x .025=5 drops of essential oil mixture
Multiply 60mlx 20 =1200…… Then Multiply 1200 x .025= 30 drops of essential oil mixture

so for a 60 ml bottle add 30 drops of your eo mixture to the jar then top it off with your carrier oil

for a 10 ml jar add 5 drops of your essential oil mixture and top it off with carrier oil.

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