DIY Coconut Baby Body Wash

DIY Coconut Baby Body Wash

Baby Body Wash with coconut oil- DIY Recipe (Great for Adults as

Coconut oil:

🍃DIY Baby Organics🍃 is Quick and Easy to Do organic and natural home made skincare recipes for babies and adults as well with Very simple ingredients and instructions. We hope that these recipes works well for you as they have for us. Please don’t forget to Hit Like and Subscribe. Thank you very much for watching! STAY TUNED, MORE VIDEOS TO COME!!!

🌿All DIY Skincare recipes, details & recommendations on my Channel are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to diagnose, prescribe or replace the advice of professionals. Please use your own judgment on what’s right for your baby as these recipes are purely of my own personal advice.

🌿We personally test our DIY Skincare products on our skin first before using it on our baby and when trying a product on our baby for the first time, we try on a small amount on to ensure that they are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

🌿 We do however use and recommend the most Organic and Natural ingredients in our recipes that are in general safe and gentle for babies delicate and sensitive skin.

🌿Because some essential oils should not be used with certain medications and medical conditions, always check with your doctor before applying therapeutic oils to your baby. If you are pregnant, talk to your doctor before using any essential oils on yourself or your baby.

🌿On babies older than 3 months, some essential oils can be used to help encourage sleep, calm anxiety, and even relieve symptoms of colic. However, We suggest no essential oils on or around babies before the age of 6 months, due to their thinner skin and immature immune systems. Before applying essential oils to babies, it’s important to understand proper dilution ratios and application methods. Because essential oils are widely available today, check product labels to make sure you are using pure, authentic, unadulterated essential oils. Essential oils that are premixed with alcohol can be irritating. You should also avoid synthetic fragrances, which are completely different from essential oils, don’t carry health benefits, and can be irritating to the skin.

🌿Please make sure that your child does not have any nut allergies or sensitivities before trying any of these recipes.

💢 We recommend using the EWG skin deep website to check for Toxins levels in all ingredients to see that all Ingredients are safe for you and your Baby.

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