DIY Hair Fertilizer || healthy hair scalp stimulation faster hair growth mix #hairgrowthoil

DIY Hair Fertilizer || healthy hair scalp stimulation faster hair growth mix #hairgrowthoil

Hi guys, hope you all are doing well, thank God Almighty for that. in this video I want to show you guys another type of my hair fertilizer I also mix and sell, not all my concoctions I show here because I prepare some due to personal request and hair loss. this is one of them hope you guys make use of it God bless.
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Ingredients and where to buy in the USA:

1)Almond oil /30g:
2)Fractionated coconut oil /30g:
3)Shea butter /30g:
4)Palm oil butter /30g:
5)Mix herbs oil /30g
6)Bee wax /20g:
7)E wax /30g:
8)Wheat germ extract 0.5g:
9)Goji Berry Extract 0.5g
10)Inulin powder /25g:
11)B Panthenol /0.7g:
12)Lemon oil 1 teaspoon:
13)Sulfur 2 teaspoons:

Essential oils are:
Please if you are sensitive to some, of this oil don’t add them, only use the ones suitable to your skin and quality is personal.
1)White Thyme:
2)Tea tree:
5)Rosemary oil:
7)preservation 10 drops:

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