DIY Mango Cupuacu Butter Hair Cream | NO Coconut Oil or Shea Butter

DIY Mango Cupuacu Butter Hair Cream | NO Coconut Oil or Shea Butter

How to make an extremely easy whipped hair and skin cream using mango butter, cupuacu butter, lots of aloe vera gel, and nutrient-rich oils! You’ll also find cocoa butter and kokum butter in this recipe, along with vitamin E , argan oil and castor oil! This recipe does NOT contain coconut oil or shea butter for those who do not like that in their hair. You can customize, sub or add, any ingredient in this mango and cupuacu hair butter cream recipe to make it perfect for your hair! I hope you enjoy, Xo! Nap

ps. The aloe vera gel used in this recipe is “Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gelly” it comes with a preservative already in it, and is made with 99% aloe. If you use a pure aloe vera gel or juice, you’ll need to add a preservative to it, OR mix in small batches, storing the rest in the fridge. I avoided this issue by using the Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera “Gelly” product with a preservative already inside. It’s the green plastic container in the video, and can be purchased at WholeFoods! Xo!

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