DIY Sugar Body Scrub

DIY Sugar Body Scrub

An easy to make lemon sugar body scrub that only requires 3 ingredients (with 2 optional ingredients)! The sugar is exfoliating, the coconut oil moisturizes, and the lemon adds a fresh citrus scent. I like to use the scrub about once a week, especially during the summer. 🙂

* This scrub is too harsh to use on the face, and also probably not suitable for those with sensitive skin. If you are new to using this or coconut oil on your skin it’s good to test it on a small area first *

-2 parts raw sugar to
-less than 1 part coconut oil
-1 lemon (I used a full lemon for about .5 L of scrub, if you are making less, use less of the lemon zest and juice)
Optional Ingredients:
-Lemon and/or Orange essential oils (or any other oils you like)
-Apple Cider Vinegar

You will also need:
-a container for your scrub (glass is not good to have in the shower)
-a small grater or zester
-small containers or measuring tools
-a spoon
-2 heat-proof bowls

– Measure out the sugar and the coconut oil.
– Melt the coconut oil.
– Zest and juice the lemon and add to melted coconut oil.
*optional* Add the essential oils (I used about 25 drops lemon and 15 drops orange for .5 L of scrub) and/or a small amount of apple cider vinegar (do NOT use if you want a really lemony smell) to the coconut oil.
– Slowly add the sugar until you get your desired consistency (keep in mind that the coconut oil will solidify more as it cools).
– Put into your container.
To use, take a small amount at a time and gently scrub in circular motions on your body, focusing on areas that need more exfoliating, then rinse off.

I hope you enjoy this sugar body scrub recipe!

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