Essential Oils For Alzheimers | Truman Essential Oils

Essential Oils For Alzheimers | Truman Essential Oils

In this video we address brain health. This is for people who want to stay away from Alzheimers and Dementia…. or are fighting it now.
Turmeric is a buzz product in the world today. We talk about both Turmeric Essential Oil and Turmeric Extract…..
How they are different and how they both can be very important for a healthy brain.

When buying Turmeric make sure you don’t just get any capsule or powder. Get Turmeric Extract which is high in Curcumin.
When buying the essential oil make sure you get an oil that is verified high grade, both in purity and compounds. Our site for Turmeric Essential Oil is

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Dan and Gina Truman here. Tonight we’re going to be talking about brain health and how Turmeric can be a big part of that. So we’ve all heard about the powder and how we can use that in cooking. We can even take that into our bodies every day. But there is another source of Turmeric and it is the oil that Dan’s gonna talk about tonight. The essential oil.

We have a unique position with this. Our son Bo was on a plane and he sat next to a biochemist. This was a few months ago. He had a great conversation with this guy and they talked about a lot of different physical and emotional problems that people have. And they got on Brain Health and this man said to Bo, “people don’t know this, but the best thing for your brain, especially as you get into those older years, the best thing for brain health is turmeric”. And he said, people don’t know it because pharmaceutical companies cannot patent turmeric, so there’s nobody on TV telling you about turmeric. There’s not any marketing going on behind this and he said every day I take turmeric, turmeric powder for BrainHealth.
Well we started doing some research and I want to quote Dr. Hill, Dr. David Hill and what he says about turmeric powder and turmeric essential oil. He says this, “it’s very interesting to note that turmeric extract (the powder) and turmeric essential oil have totally separate but equally powerful range of health benefits… Though the essential oil and the extract yield different results, they are a power couple when used together”. Meaning that if you have concerns about anybody in your family, including yourself about the brain going downhill, especially as you get older, you need to start a regimen of turmeric… turmeric powder and turmeric essential oil.

And, and there’s a lot of other things that Turmeric does. We won’t talk about that right now. We’ll just suggest that your number one go to thing for brain health is Turmeric. Turmeric Essential oil and Turmeric extract.

And you can take that (the oil) in a capsule, two or three drops, just an empty capsule. And fill the rest of it with coconut oil, olive oil, or you can just rub it on your skin.

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We’ll have a lot of info at the bottom. We have a lot of info and other videos on our channel about other conditions. Thanks, you guys have a good night.

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