Essential Oils for Menopause, Pre? Peri? Post? LIVE with Ang

Essential Oils for Menopause, Pre? Peri? Post?  LIVE with Ang

PLEASE READ ENTIRE DESCRIPTION for deets on this complex topic and FF to 2:50 to avoid my tech probs.
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ESSENTIAL OILS FOR MENOPAUSE | Join me to talk about natural options for supporting your body during menopause. We’ve GOT to feel great #joiedevivre so we can do the things we LOVE. If you feel terrible, how can you antique, garden, bake and mother? Support this amazing time of life naturally with essential oils. You don’t have to be a wreck! You probably just figured out WHO you are! Now is NOT the time to feel terrible! Hot flashes, mood swings, dryness? NO WAY! Let’s be fabulous together.
It’s important for you to know I’m NOT suggesting you stop taking your HRT or replace it with oils and being that this was LIVE broadcast, I didn’t remember to say all that I wanted to say. Some of my views expressed here are based on the Women’s Health Initiative study on long term use of HRT and numerous conversations with women over the years. When it’s time for me to need hormone replacement therapy I will continue in my personal quest for natural health and I will investigate bio-identical HRT as opposed to synthetic HRT with a physician who is educated on the subject.

Here is a basket with the oils we talked about tonight:
(You can add or remove items from this basket based on what’s appropriate for you)

Menopause is a NORMAL part of life. It doesn’t need to be feared! Be savvy, educated and take care of that bod along the way!
LiveLong Vitality: Create a baseline for your health with bioavailable vitamins and minerals. Safe for those who get upset tummy from supplements
Bone Nutrient Complex: Menopause can last 7-11 years. During this time our estrogen is less and less prevalent, causing calcium loss in our bones. This complex offers calcium and magnesium AND vitamins D2 and D3 which aid in calcium absorption.
Phytoestrogen Complex: Certain plants mimic estrogen. Using this supplement can help ease the decrease of estrogen in our bodies.
Peppermint Oil: Excellent for cooling the bod! Keep a mister bottle at your bedside with water and pep oil. Spritz yourself down in the middle of the night when a hot flash gets the best of you. And keep a peppermint rolllerball in your purse for hot flashes when out in public. Apply it to the back of the neck for a cooling relief.
Clary Calm: This blend of oils is called “new wife in a bottle”. ‘Nuf said whether you’re a wife or not. Hormone balancing blend of oils for the pre-teen all the way to the hysterectomy recoveree.
Vetiver: A root crop from Haiti, this oil helps calms the mind chatter at 2 am. Know for it’s nervous system calming abilities this oil can be applied to pulse points or the bottom of the feet. We all know that an over tired woman is NOT an ideal situation. Get SLEEP while you’re supporting your body at this time. Wake up refreshed from a true, deep sleep and quit trying to solve the world’s problems at 2a.m.:)
Balance: Balance is my jam. Just saying. It’s a blend of oils that are GROUNDING. Feeling like a hot, anxiety-mess? A few drops over the heart and you’ll feel like the woman you crave to be. (OK, maybe that was heavy handed. Try it.)
And last but not least… the elephant in the room… the dreaded “dryness” symptom. Many of my customers have found relief with DDR Prime. A cellular repair blend of oils, lemongrass, frankincense, neroli (excellent for hormones)…. I have many happy women on account of DDR Prime… ahem.

I’m not an oil expert. I’m just girl on this road of life with you. Encouraging you to pursue your dreams and feel great while loving on your family.
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