How to Beat the Winter Blues // Aromatherapy // Young Living

How to Beat the Winter Blues //  Aromatherapy // Young Living

These last few weeks of winter can be the toughest on some of us and I have a solution for you to beat the winter blues! Winter can seem so long at this time of year. Most of us are itching for spring and can hardly sit still waiting for longer days and the sun to shine on our faces.

We putter and hibernate hoping to pass the time and for some of us it can be a hard time of year. Essential oils can help you bridge this awkward time when were desperatly waiting for the spring season to bless us with all her bounty.

The scent of lemons, bergamot, lime and grapefruit will lift your mood. Lavender, panaway, and frankincense will keep you cool and uplift your spirits. Essential oils are can be a great part of your healing process and can definitely help you to beat those winter blues. Welcome to my cozy little channel and hope you like this video where I will introduce you to my absolute favorite Young Living essential oils!

Here is the link to the Young Living Website where you can purchase the oils in this video. Also, if your interested in getting involved with Young Living or have any questions please feel free to email me.

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