How to Blend Essential Oils + Make Aromatherapy Body Oil | Bramble Berry

How to Blend Essential Oils + Make Aromatherapy Body Oil | Bramble Berry

Learn how to create balanced and complex essential oil blends at home! In this video, Flower of Life by Ritual and Big Dipper Wax works shares her expertise for blending essential oils, including her process, tips and tricks, and what tools you need.

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The first step in this project is to create your own custom blend of essential oils. This is where your personal taste and preferences come into play, but we have included two blends to get you started! Each recipe creates one 10 mL roller bottle.

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Once you’ve created your perfect blend, it’s mixed with the Hydrating Oil Base and poured into the glass roller bottle. The base is a lightweight combination of grapeseed oil, squalane oil, jojoba oil, fractioned coconut oil, rosehip seed oil, and vitamin E. It absorbs quickly into the skin, so it’s great for body oil. The roller bottle makes application quick and mess free.

Blends created:
🌿 Calming Blend
20 drops Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil
20 drops Grapefruit Essential Oil
12 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil
4 drops Patchouli Essential Oil

🌿 Luxury Blend
16 drops Lavender 40/42 Essential Oil
6 drops Egyptian Geranium Essential Oil
3 drops Ylang Ylang III Essential Oil
2 drops Sandalwood Essential Oil

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