How to Make Olive Oil Soap at Home Using Natural Ingredients [No Cook RECIPE] | Fresh P

How to Make Olive Oil Soap at Home Using Natural Ingredients  [No Cook RECIPE]  |  Fresh P

How to Make Soap Using Kitchen Ingredients: Olive Oil and Coconut Milk. Learning how to make olive oil soap is a game changing skill. You’ll never go back to store bought detergent bars again; they’re called detergent bars because most commercially available soaps are not actually soap at all, but industrial detergents. This how to video will teach you basic soap making skills. This recipe for olive oil soap uses coconut milk instead of water for a rich and emollient bar that is perfect for dry or combination skin. It’s a mild cleansing bar that you can use every day both in the shower and at the sink. This recipe is for 1lb/500g yielding 3 large bars, but I’ve included the ratios below so you can scale the recipe to fit your molds. I use organic full fat coconut milk without any thickeners such as carrageenan, Natural Value is a good brand, as is Native Forest. I also use extra virgin olive oil, you can get good deals in bulk. Olive oil soap (castile) is the most gentile of soaps, I’ve added a little bit of coconut oil for its cleansing properties and also for it’s hardness; this is the perfect soap for those wanting a milk soap that is vegan and plant based. You can make this soap using 100% olive oil, substituting coconut milk for the water and yield a delicious bar that is milder and perfect as a complexion bar.


To scale recipe, enter these ratios into soap cal changing the total amount of the oil to fit your container. SoapCalc website:

Total oil weight 1 lb/500g
Water as percent of oil weight 34.14 %
Super Fat/Discount 5 %
Lye Concentration 30.097 %
Water : Lye Ratio 2.3226:1
Sat : Unsat Ratio 33 : 67
Iodine 68
INS 149
Pounds Ounces Grams
Water 0.341 5.46 154.85
Lye – NaOH 0.147 2.35 66.67
Soap weight before CP cure or HP cookMore info
1.488 23.81 675.12
Oil/Fat % Pounds Ounces Grams
Coconut Oil 20.00 .200 3.20 90.72
Olive Oil 80.00 0.800 12.80 362.87
Totals 100.00 1.000 16.00 453.59

This Soap Bar’s Quality Range
Ideal This recipe
Hardness 29 – 54 34
Cleansing 12 – 22 20
Conditioning 44 – 69 66
Bubbly 14 – 46 20
Creamy 16 – 48 14
Iodine 41 – 70 68
INS 136 – 165 149

Wear gloves, goggles and cover all of your skin. Freeze coconut milk. Measure out all of your ingredients using a kitchen scale. Get my favorite inexpensive scale here: Outside or under ventilation, slowly add lye to the frozen coconut milk; take 5 minutes to incorporate all of it. Pour the lye mixture into your oils and stir to combine. Begin blending on low in 30 second intervals, stirring without the motor periodically. When light trace is achieved, pour into molds and allow to cure. In the summer I’ve found 22 hours is sufficient, in the colder months 40-48 hours was needed. Remove from molds, cut, if using soap stamps emboss now and stand soaps on end to cure for 6 months, rotating sides for even drying. They will shrink about 10% when fully cured.

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