How to take a Salt Detox Bath!

How to take a Salt Detox Bath!

Ever wonder how to take a proper salt detox bath……there are a few little tricks…..

A Salt Bath is made with Epsom Salt, also known as magnesium sulfate, which not only draws out toxins, but has health benefits of its own: (

• Ease stress and improves sleep and concentration
• Help muscles and nerves function properly
• Regulate activity of 325+ enzymes
• Help prevent artery hardening and blood clots
• Make insulin more effective
• Reduce inflammation to relieve pain and muscle cramps
• Improve oxygen use
• Flush toxins
• Improve absorption of nutrients
• Help form joint proteins, brain tissue and mucin proteins
• Help prevent or ease migraine headaches

You may have heard of DEAD SEA SALT BATHS as well. These salts are filled with healing minerals, and can also be used as a detoxification bath, however I have recommended the EPSOM SALTS for a detox bath as they are very affordable. The Dead Sea Salts are fairly pricey, so if you do not require the salts for other healing purposes, I would suggest the Epsom for the detox.


Prepare for your bath.
Get a towel, face-cloth, water bottle, epsom salt, essential oil (if desired) and candles (if desired), possibly baking soda (if your water is chlorinated)

Fill your bath with water that is as hot as you can. The idea is to create a sweat. As you fill your bath, add 2 cups Epsom salt, (or 1 cup if it is a smaller bath).

If your bath water is not filtered you may want to add a cup of baking soda at this time as well, to help neutralize the chlorine and chemicals.

While the tub is filling, lite a few candles and place them around the tub, or bathroom to create a relaxing environment. Do not turn the bathroom main light on, use candle light. When the body is in a relaxed state it has the ability to complete its ‘job’ more easily…like detoxing 🙂

Place your filled water bottle at the edge of the tub, so that you have it accessible to drink while soaking. You will want the water to assist in the cleansing.

Place a damp, cool face-cloth (or dry) on the edge of the tub, so that when you get hot you have a cloth to wipe down your face. It helps to stay in the tub longer.

Once the tub is filled, add 5-10 drops of essential oil, if so desired. I like lavender in the evening. This is not required, however essential oils have their own healing properties that assist us during this relaxing, detoxing time. I recommend to use one that you enjoy the smell of, like lavender. Do not add essential oil under the running water because the healing properties dissipate quicker when exposed to the oxygen.

2.  Climb in and immerse yourself up to your neck if possible. You will want to soak for at-least 15min, preferably 20min. Be sure to drink all your water. Close your eyes, relax, and maybe do a little breath work. I sometimes bring in spa music to listen to as well, as it helps pass the time.

3. After 15-20min of soaking, it is time to drain the bath. For those of you that like to feel the toxins being pulled out of your body, a neat experience is to lay in the bathtub as the water goes down the drain. You become very aware of the weight of your body. If this is not your thing, simply pull the drain, and rise up slowly and cautiously…you may feel light-headed, even a bit dizzy…..this does go away as soon as you shower off in cooler water.

4. It is important to shower off, as the salt water has pulled the toxins out…you do not want to leave them sitting on your skin to go back in.

5. Its advisable not to use any harsh soaps or shampoos as your pores are open and will absorb those chemicals, kinda defeating your detox 🙂

6. Once dry you can apply a natural moisturizer. I like to use organic coconut oil or a blend that I make with organic olive oil, grape seed oil and a few drops of rosemary essential oil. (the olive oil does, over time, stain your clothes…but I LOVE how my skin looks and feels…so I don’t mind). These moisturizers are amazing….it may take a couple days for your body to get used to them…but once it does…you will not go back to store bought lotions with dyes, chemicals or perfumes.

7. I recommend not to eat right away after a bath….if anything drink water….to help flush out the toxins.

8. I also recommend to allow for some more rest and rejuvenation after your detox bath, and enjoy your fresh start.

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