I Love Lavender & Lime Bathroom Cleanser Recipe

I Love Lavender & Lime Bathroom Cleanser Recipe

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This is a bathroom cleanser recipe with Lavender and Lime essential oils.

I’ll admit that while this is “technically” a bathroom cleanser recipe, I also use this blend in my kitchen. You can use it on any surfaces in your home that you like.

It’s made in a 16 oz (480 ml) PET plastic spray bottle. (I usually prefer to use glass with essential oil blends, but PET plastic is known as a non-reactive plastic that doesn’t leach. In cases where glass isn’t ideal, PET plastic is a good choice.)

The bathroom cleanser recipe is:

15 oz (450 ml) water
1 tbsp (15 ml) castile soap (1:19)
25 drops (1 ml) Lavender essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia) (2:11)
25 drops (1 ml) distilled Lime essential oil (Citrus aurantifolia) (2:25)

25 drops is approximately 1 ml, so I’m using a graduated cylinder (graduated by the ml) to measure my essential oils. It makes it very simple! If you don’t have a graduated cylinder, you can add your essential oils drop by drop right into your bottle of water and castile soap.

If you like, you can adjust this bathroom cleanser recipe by adding a dash of vinegar. Don’t worry about how much “a dash” is—this blend is not going on your skin, so you can be a little creative or imprecise with your ingredients. (That goes for all the ingredients in the recipe.)

All the ingredients won’t blend together naturally (the essential oils and water won’t mix), so give it a shake before you spray it on your surfaces.

You’re done! I bet You’ll Love Lavender and Lime Bathroom Cleanser as much as I do.

You can find spray bottles like the one I’m using at SKS Bottle:

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