In the Garden: best defense against creeping Charlie

In the Garden: best defense against creeping Charlie

It’s one of the most common weeds to find in the yard: Creeping Charlie. It’s tough to get rid of, but it can be done.

Whether you call it creeping Charlie, or ground ivy, it’s ugly.

Sheila Kieffer, of Robbinsdale has been trying to get rid of the invasive weed for years.

“I tried digging it out, and didn’t have much success with that. So this year we called the lawn service,” said Sheila.

It can take over your yard in no time, and the root system will cling to your yard like a vice.

“The root system is pretty fine, so unless you get the whole root system it’s going to come back, said Sheila.

Creeping Charlie likes shady, moist soil, but will grow just about anywhere.

“It’s just an aggressive weed, usually grows in poor soils,” said John Henning with Dundee Nursery in Plymouth.

Our summer weather has made it ideal for the weed to flourish. John said lots of people have been coming to the garden center to try and get rid of creeping Charlie. “This year they’re growing more than normally at this time of year, so people are still trying to spray it and get some results on it.”

Getting rid of creeping charlie is challenging, but it can be done. John recommends using chemicals. Products like Weed Free Zone and Weed BeGone work well.

He said it’s best to use the chemicals before you cut the grass, so the liquid will have something to adhere to.

If you have a lot of time to kill, you can always use your hands to pull out the weed one by one. But you have to make sure you get the roots as well.

Sonya Goins, reporting

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