Indian thieves and scammers destroying Silom gem district

Indian thieves and scammers destroying Silom gem district

The Thai gem industry is riddled with scams and corruption with both dishonest sellers and dishonest gem labs destroying the industry systematically. In this video you see Dietmar Schwarz sitting with Yedunath Bharthwaj and the bag of stones behind Yedunath, Dietmar Schwarz is supposedly associated with AIGS somehow which is a gem lab and Yedunath calls himself a stone-burner. Yedunath himself claimed that he was studying secret documents that Dieter was leaking from the lab when the Indian theives struck, but as we can see from the video this is a lie as he can been seen simply turning his back on the millions of baht worth of stones belonging to other people being dumped behind him for his Indian brothers to take for free.

Yedunath himself claims to be a gemologist and stone-burner but loves to take stones then delay returning them continually and eventually when they are demanded then suddenly likes to tell stone owners that he is “sorry they were stolen”. Yedunath’s behaviour is typical of Indians that prey on people like parasites and his actions like those of his brothers have been systematically eroding the Thai gem industry as victims all over the world are so fed up of all the scamming and theiving Indians that Silom gem markets have become sluggish. Watch the video yourself and decide.

Even after losing millions of Baht worth of other people’s stones Yedunath shows little remorse and little effort to rectify the situation just avoiding the subject with statements like “I am just a poor man” or other exuses like “Actually I wanted to go to a safer coffeeshop but Dietmar Schwarz chose Starbucks “Dietmar Schwartz the head gemologist at AIGS lab pulls gem scam stunts with gem dealers such as issuing sapphire certificates for diaspore which just goes to show the low scamming levels these crooks will stoop to.

Yedunath who claims to be a Hindu also lied to police when he claimed the sapphires were of low value after giving the stone owner a very high valuation which further throws suspicion on the Indian Gem scam industry in Thailand.

A substantial reward is offered for the capture of the 2 other terrorists shown in this video – the reward will be paid for information leading to the suspects whether they are dead or alive.

Due to the large volume of scammer terrorists in Bangkok tourists are advised to guard their possessions especially passports carefully as terrorists are finding passports in short supply and they are needed badly in order to wage attacks on the planet. If you are genuinely against events like 9-11 then punish the fund raisers so it never happens again.

al-Qaida Bombers in Madrid were using such stolen passports as were passengers in the Malaysian Airlines flight that disappeared. This Bangkok gang also supplied Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba group that conducted the 2008 Mumbai attacks. The Bangkok based passport boutiques that provide both books and visas are also known to be supplying Tamil Tigers.

An Iranian man Murel Gurat aka Rafil Bonda , 45, a long-time Bangkok resident with a lot of businesses who has been living in Thailand for some 20 years has just been arrested with over 1,000 fake passports of more than 60 countries and has been charged with running a human trafficking gang. Actually Murel was well known to police and underworld but due to palm-greasing he sold tens of thousands of passports to clients wishing to slip through lax US and Canadian security to build thousands of sleeper cells.

Oddly enough US intelligence services are also guilty of helping these groups as their operatives have been seen not only advising but also chaperoning refugees to America in return for “fees”. Research revealed that Yedunath is a subscriber to the Satanic International Network

Ever since the scamming and theiving of Indians has been exposed in Bangkok people have are becoming more wary of these Indian scumballs that have no conscience and lie with every other breath they take. Many of them are Tamil terrorists hiding in Bangkok pretending to be gem dealers to launder their dirty money. These Indian gangs are very corrupt and have set up hundreds of illegal companies with fake documents fooling Thai immigration and the Thai government with the cunning scamming and thieving that is rampant in the Silom area of Bangkok. Many people now prefer to buy elsewhere because Bangkok is just to dangerous as these Indians are famous for bribing local police to ensure their evil cartels can flourish.

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