L.I.F.E – The ONLY SUPERFOOD and WILDFOOD supplement you will ever NEED!!

L.I.F.E – The ONLY SUPERFOOD and WILDFOOD supplement you will ever NEED!!

The ONLY SUPERFOOD and WILDFOOD supplement you will ever NEED!!

Firstly, thank you all for the wonderful, warm welcome you gave Vic Cherikoff. You all seem super excited about L.I.F.E
here’s your chance to try it if you are fast!

This is your chance to discover what Intelligent Nutrition is all about. After all, we only have one life so why not make every day count? We now have the keys to slow ageing and an antidote to modern foods.

Scientific evidence tells us that modern fruits and vegetables are falling in their nutritional quality.

Produce is being grown to suit the industrial distribution chains and not for our ideal nutrition. Foods are generally lower in fibre, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, enzymes and enzyme regulators, micro-sugars and minerals. Many are also higher in bad sugars, notably sucrose and fructose and both have been implicated in the rising incidence of diabetes, obesity, hypertension, gout and constant fatigue.

In comparison to conventional food equivalents, the wild foods that nourished and supported the World’s longest living culture (that of the Indigenous Australians) are up to 50 times higher in antioxidant capacity, are highly anti-

They also still have their complement of good sugars, enzymes, fibre, organic acids and vital minerals. And there are probably more functional ingredients that we are still to discover.

As a result of their superior nutrition, Indigenous Australians living in some of the most inhospitable environments on the planet were able to out-perform modern athletes at Olympic levels. Their encyclopaedic memories impressed many of the early explorers who attempted to record aspects of their traditions and inter-relationships.

Just take a look at the ingredients in LIFE:

Wild food blend (Illawarra plum, wild rosella, rainforest lime, Kalari (Kakadu) plum, riberry, lemon myrtle, quandong, forestberry herb, anise myrtle, Davidson plum, acacia resin, sea vegetable extract, pepperberry, mountain pepper), apple fibre, coconut milk, tart cherry, trehalose, blackcurrant, blackberry, pineapple core, 10 natural functional flavours (essential oils including black pepper), grape seed, grape skin, acai, mangosteen pericarp.

That’s 14 wild foods and a dozen other global superfoods in the mix. Every single ingredient has volumes of benefits and decades of heavy scientific research behind it making it the epitome of intelligent nutrition.

We cannot make direct claims for LIFE because it is a food product and because each of us is in a different place, biochemically speaking. Experiencing the benefits for yourself is recommended but we can legally make some claims:

I can say that you will have more energy, both mental and physical. The mind lift you will feel will be better focus and concentration and clarity that you probably haven’t had for years. Physically, most people tell us they lose the need for that afternoon Nanna nap and often they reclaim their weekends.

So if you are sleeping in on Saturday or Sunday or snoozing away all weekend trying to ‘catch up’ and just can’t make the best of your two days off by doing anything but sleeping, you need LIFE. After all, these 2 days is when we have the opportunity to spend quality time on ourselves and with those important to us.

Other health benefits include better-looking skin, loss of carbohydrate cravings, improved gut health, easier weight maintenance and a general and noticeable lift in well-being. If we boost our immune system with good nutrition and overcome the inflammatory effects of free radicals, poor diet, stress and a lack of sleep, amazing things start to happen. LIFE can support you in better health due to the micronutrients it delivers. LIFE is also a good source of fibre.

See how much energy you get. All sorts of little niggles and those early signs of ageing are addressed
over time: If you exercise, most people tell us they can train harder, have more stamina and recover more quickly than without LIFE: Pay attention to your carbohydrate cravings and only eat when you are actually hungry.

Just missing out on lunch on weekdays more than covers the daily cost of LIFE.

Please note that red, crimson or blue fruits of any kind should NOT be eaten with dairy (yoghurt,
cream, ice cream etc) as the milk proteins irreversibly bind the coloured antioxidants making them worthless.

Sounds good right?


Juzzie and Bob xx

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