Making Lip balm (Minty Chocolate) 薄荷巧克力潤唇膏制作

Making Lip balm (Minty Chocolate) 薄荷巧克力潤唇膏制作

This a video on how to make and formulate your own lip balm. I’ll also share my recipe for this lip balm. I love how the lip balm glides on smoothy and leaving a minty cooling sensation!

Instead of making soap this time, it’s time to make lip balm! I formulated this recipe following the tips and tricks from the Soap Queen Blog, go check it out to formulate your own unique recipe:
Simply put – split the total oil weights into 3 parts – 1 part for wax, 1 part for butter, 1 part for liquid oils.
Recipe used:
Each tube is 5g and 10g tin = 5×7 + 10g = 45g in total

7.5g of beeswax
7.5g of cocoa butter
15g of shea butter
5 g of jojoba oil
2 g of castor oil
5 g of olive oil
3 g of sweet almond oil
Add about 0.4g of peppermint essential oil
Remember to let the melted oils to cool down a bit before adding the essential oils to prevent denaturing it! It is a great idea to reuse your soap scraps to clean your pots. You can use soap scraps and melt it in hot water – this hot soapy water cleans the pot squeaky clean! You can also melt melt and pour soap and make new soaps from the wax!

Timeline to the video
0:23 Assembling of the tubes
0:43 Formula explanation
2:43 Testing of the lip balm texture
3:06 Adding of peppermint essential oil
3:07 Pouring of the lip balm
3:44 Finishing the lip balm with heat gun
4:42 How to clean waxy pots effectively

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