Mystery Riddles: Zombie Thieves And Vampire 🧛‍♂️

Mystery Riddles:  Zombie Thieves And Vampire 🧛‍♂️

Here is a new set of cool riddles of Diville (here’s the first episode: ! These vampire puzzles and zombie riddles will improve your intelligence and increase your detective skills! Get ready to boost your brain with this awesome portion of mystery riddles 😉 These puzzles and brain games with answers are pretty simple but only for those who have a high IQ score and a well-trained brain! Tricky riddles and brain teasers will help you improve your critical thinking ability.

01:35 – Test your general knowledge with this first mystery puzzle: Christopher rented a room near the police station. He went in to work one morning…and worked until night. He got home and found his room in a mess. But the door and windows were closed… Christopher: “It seems someone doesn’t want a detective living here…” Christopher pulled fingerprints from all over his room. There were only his fingerprints there. Then the detective questioned the neighbors. Charlie (zombie): “I had a romantic dinner with my girlfriend. Then we went out for a walk.” Ruby (vampire): “I was looking for a new victim in the park.” Elton (ghost): “I was watching ’Game of Thrones’ on my laptop.” Don (werewolf): “I was looking for a date on Tinder.” Who messed up Christopher’s room?
03:06 – Pay attention to the details to find the right answer: The next morning Christopher got his first case. Somebody beat up a werewolf near his office. A: “He left the office for lunch and didn’t come back. Our guard found him in the alley behind the dumpster. He was barely alive.” There were three cafes near that alley. The detective questioned their employees. Ben: “He dropped by this morning to get a coffee to go. I haven’t seen him since.” Pole: “He was here in the afternoon. He wanted to order meat. But we don’t serve any. He left right away.” Nyle: “I know that guy. He has lunch here sometimes. But I haven’t seen him for about a week.” Who beat up the werewolf?
04:44 – Test your logic and analytical thinking with this tricky but easy puzzle: W had just moved in the zombie hostel. He went to the supermarket to buy some frozen brains for dinner. W came back to find a big problem. Somebody had stolen all his money and valuables. The detective questioned his neighbors. Tina: “I’m ill. I haven’t left my room for three days. I didn’t even known I had a new neighbor.” Sid: “I was at work. I just got back.” Joe: “I was sleeping. You just woke me up.”
Who stole his belongings?
06:23 – Find the thief before the time is up! This logic brain teaser will boost up your brain super fast: The next case for Christopher was at the auto shop. Car owner: “My tire popped. I brought my car here to fix it. I also asked them to clean the car. I went to a cafe and came back an hour later. There were some important documents in the backseat. When I checked everything after the service…they were gone!” Christopher questioned the employees. Stan: “I was changing the tire.” Bob: “I was cleaning the interior.” Mike: “I was washing the car.” Who stole the documents?
07:45 – Here is another crime riddle that will test your IQ and increase your intelligence: The detective went to a vampire castle. Some of the servants stole all the owners’ jewelry. Christopher questioned all of them. Detective: “What were you doing when the robbery took place?” Sean, butler: “I was working on Mrs. Vamp’s documents in my office.” Susy, maid: “I was ironing Mrs. Vamp’s dresses.” Lloyd, gardener: “I was cutting the bushes in the garden.” Who stole the jewelry?

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