Natural Headache Relief Without Medications

Natural Headache Relief Without Medications

Many people deal with headaches daily. Symptoms of headaches may range from being uncomfortable to downright unbearable. Headaches may disrupt your daily activities if symptoms persist for more extended periods.

There are different types of headaches, with tension headache being the most common. Other headaches such as migraine or cluster headaches may present symptoms which could be severe or mild.

Medications are often the go-to for relieving headaches, but we shall consider natural remedies that can help in relieving symptoms and the causes of headaches. These natural remedies are what we promote at our Chiropractic Office in Elizabeth City, NC.

The natural remedies include the following:

Stay Hydrated

Headaches may occur as a result of inadequate hydration. Migraines and tension headaches are often caused by chronic dehydration. It is essential that stay hydrated by drinking enough water. Research has shown that drinking water within 30 minutes to 3 hours may help relieve symptoms of headaches for those who are dehydrated. It is advisable to eat water-rich foods.

Reduce Alcohol Intake

Most people may not develop headaches after drinking alcohol. Still, studies have shown that the consumption of alcohol is responsible for head-aches in about one-third of persons with frequent migraines. Alcohol is a vasodilator which allows the free flow of blood by widening blood vessels. Vasodilators are also known to have a headache as a side effect.

Intake of Magnesium

Magnesium provides several functions in the body. It helps in controlling blood sugar and nerve transmission. It is also helpful in relieving headaches. According to research, people with magnesium deficiency are known to show symptoms of migraine headaches than those with sufficient magnesium. Diet rich in magnesium is advisable for people with frequent headaches.

Get Enough Sleep

Inadequate sleep may be harmful to your health and may also result in headaches for some persons. Getting too much sleep may also trigger headaches. It is, however, essential to get adequate sleep, which may be between 8 to 9 hours at night.

Make use of essential Oils

Essential oils have been known to have immense therapeutic benefits, including providing relief from headaches. They are concentrated liquids that can be gotten from different varieties of plants. Essential oils such as lavender and peppermint oil may help provide symptomatic relief from headaches.

Avoid foods with high Histamine content

Histamine promotes the function of the nervous, digestive, and immune systems. However, high histamine production may cause migraines in some persons with histamine sensitivity. Foods such as smoked fish, beer, fermented foods, cured meats, and aged cheese have high histamine content.

Cold Compression Therapy

By applying ice to the head or neck area, you may help to reduce the symptoms of migraine. You can fill a water bottle with ice and then wrap it using a soft towel. Apply it on your temples, back of your neck or head to relieve headache.

Relax with Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a perfect way to decrease pain, relieve stress, increase flexibility, and improve your overall health condition. Chiropractic has been shown time and time again to reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches.

Ginger Tea

Ginger root is known to contain several beneficial compounds such as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances. Ginger helps to reduce symptoms of severe headaches such as vomiting and nausea.

You can consult our Chiropractic office in Elizabeth City NC, to see if we can help you get relief from your headache without taking any medication.

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