Overcoming The Top Essential Oil Objections… “My Patient Already Tried To Sell Me Oils!”

Overcoming The Top Essential Oil Objections… “My Patient Already Tried To Sell Me Oils!”

This is a very common objection if you live in an area that has a lot of oil users!
There are parts of the country where there is zero oil knowledge and other places where you see them on the shelves of every Doctors office in town.
The GOOD NEWS for you is that 99% of Essential Oil advocates DO NOT give the Doctor what they need to feel comfortable prescribing oils to their patients… but YOU CAN!
Patients will often try to ‘guilt’ their Doctor into carrying their oils… they think the Doctor ‘owes’ them because they are a patient!
Then when the Doctor asks for the most basic science to PROVE what they are saying… they give the Doctor a blank stare and get mad.
If you’re that Doctors patient… do YOU want them to give you an UNPROVEN treatment?
NO, YOU DON’T! You only want YOUR Doctor to use science backed treatments! We want ALL Doctors to use products backed by science!
After this video, you’ll know EXACTLY what to say and give the Doctor so they forget about the bad past experience with their patient and look to YOU as their new partner and advisor!

Is YOUR Essential Oil business is feeling ‘stuck’ or worse, you’re going backwards???
If so, checkout our free Masterclass entitled: “How To Enroll Your First Doctor!”
In this short class you’ll discover EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY & DO to get a Doctor to feel comfortable and confident prescribing your Essential Oils to their patients! 😊

FACT: A 1-on-1 or 3-way call can help a family, a home class may help 3-5 families… BUT if you signup just ONE DOCTOR, you can help 100’s or even 1000’s of families with just ONE Enrollment!

Now THAT is how YOU make the world a better place!

Remember… You’re Just ONE Doctor Away!

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