Put a Lemon With Salt on a Plate, and Watch What Happens

Put a Lemon With Salt on a Plate, and Watch What Happens

What would happen if you put a lemon with salt on a plate and put it in your house? We know now how great lemons can be, but this is something phenomenal.
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. We all know it. But what will happen when life also gives you salt to add to the lemon plate? If you think “it will just start a cocktail party,” you don’t even know how far off the right answer you are. Lemons sure do spice up your drinks, but they can do much much more, and we are going to prove it to you.

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Green lemons and salt 0:55
DIY Deodorant 2:58
Cleanse Your Face 3:37
Freshen Your Breath 3:56
Whiten your Teeth 4:15
Soften Dry Elbows 4:32
Freshen the Fridge 5:04
Remove Any Stains 5:25
Laundry Brightener 5:56
Get Rid of Grease 6:11
Prevent Sticky Rice 6:35
Preserve Food 6:53

You are going to need some green lemons and salt. Slice the lemons and put them on a glass plate. Add salt to them. Put the plate somewhere in your house, preferably where you and other family members spend most of the time. On the next day, put the lemons in a plastic bag without touching them, because they absorbed the negative energy. If you repeat this at least four days in a row, you will see the positive changes in your house, and you will feel better. Just think of it – lemon can consume all of the bad and evil you bring from the outside. It is the bad energy of angry, jealous people, the crazy environment and all the stress and anxiety. You don’t want to live with all that, and you don’t want your kids to be exposed to it, right?
You can also create a to-go version of this remedy: put a green lemon in your bag or pocket and carry it with you all day. You will see how dry the lemon gets by the evening. That is because it has absorbed all the negative energy for the day. You can throw it away, and get another lemon for the next day. This trick will protect you from the negative energy coming your way from many sources outside.

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