Road Signs Vandalized In Buncombe County

Road Signs Vandalized In Buncombe County

The North Carolina Department of Transportation and the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department are looking for a vandal or vandals. D.O.T. workers say at least one person has tagged and removed stop signs, speed limit signs and curve warning signs. Anna Henderson of the D.O.T. says it’s happening on Highway 63 between Turkey Creek Road and the Madison County line. Henderson says some of the signs have been tagged with the initials “L.W.” while others have been completely removed. It’s a safety concern for trucker Wayne Pinson of West Virginia. Pinson, who drives a tractor trailer, says he does not travel the narrow, curvy stretch of Highway 63 often, and depends on the road signs. He says if he has to lock up his brakes because he suddenly sees an unmarked intersection, he could easily cause an accident. The D.O.T. and the sheriff’s department plan to prosecute the person or people responsible. Lt. Randy Sorrells says they could face 6 months in prison and/or a 00 fine. Anyone with any information is urged to call the D.O.T., Buncombe County Sheriffs Dept. or Crimestoppers at 255-5050by Karen WynneFollow Karen Wynne on Twitter @KarenWynneWLOS

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