Saje Aroma Om diffuser & Holiday scents review

Saje Aroma Om diffuser & Holiday scents review

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Winter is dry. With the windows closed tight against the cold, we get almost no fresh air so it can seem stale indoors. If you’re looking for a way to freshen up the air in your home that doesn’t involve sprays and fake scents… you can try diffusing.

I’m Erin TGC and diffusing uses ordinary tap water and converts it to a cool mist. You can add essential oils or oil blends to the water for a light scent when the air is released.

This holiday season, Saje has some beautiful holiday diffusers, and special oil blends that will make the whole home smell like Christmas.

I had a chance to try out one of the new diffusers and an oil kit this fall.

The diffuser I got to try is called the Aroma OM, and it’s a tall, vase-like diffuser with a white and gold marble-look finish that’s actually a weighty ceramic. This diffuser is ultrasonic, and heat-free to disperse essential
oil molecules into the air. You can also use it as an air purifier or humidifier– perfect for dry winter home air.

There’s virtually no set up for this device. Just plug it in, add water and a few drops (6-12) of essential oil, and it says it should run for about 3 hours. There’s also an intermittent setting that spritzes the air off an on, and extends the life of the mist in the reservoir to 6 hours. One nice feature of this unit is that it shuts off automatically when the reservoir is empty so it won’t run unnecessarily.

The Aroma OM has a very subtle LED light built into the unit. It doesn’t cast a glow, so much as it lights up the base of the diffuser subtly. This device doesn’t double as a lamp, if that might be your intention.

How Ultrasonic diffusers work
Ultrasonic diffusers work by using subtle ultrasonic or sound vibrations which are generally undetectable to humans. The sound waves shake the water at a molecular level, essentially breaking it apart and allowing it to be changed into particles which are lighter than air. Those are the particles you see escape as mist from the diffuser unit. When essential oils are added, they too break apart and are released into the air with the water creating a subtle scent.

Holiday Essential Oil Blends

Ever since I was first introduced to Saje essential oils a couple years ago, I’ve been in love. Some of my favourite scents include the Peppermint oil, which I love for its ability to wake me up, and it works for me to ease headaches. Liquid Sunshine is a bold and bright citrussy scent that feels like summertime–or winter in Palm Springs.

This season, there’s a special holiday diffuser blend kit called Good Cheer, and yet again, I’m in love. The kit comes with 4 small bottles (5ml each) of four different scents:

Tree Scents: a foresty scented oil blend that’s not too cloying; think damp pine bark instead of pungent needles. It’s delicate and wonderfully outdoorsy.

Sugar Plum Fairy: A sweet and plummy oil blend that can be sugary and strong, but is perfect when blended with Peppermint Twist, or when used more sparingly.
Peppermint Twist: a crisp and fresh minty oil blend that’s clean and lets you breathe deep.

All the Feels: This vanilla-orange-yuzu clove is a decadent multi-layered scent that I love.

I think this is actually a great diffuser blend set. I found that all the scents were really nice, and while they’re holiday themed, these aren’t going to feel cliche once we roll into January.

There’s also a 12 Days of Wellness blend kit that I’m so dying to try after falling for Good Cheer.

Saje Natural Wellness AromaBreeze diffuser

Overall I’m pretty happy with this diffuser and how it works. It’s easy to set up and use and I love what it does to the air in my home. The diffuser blend kit is awesome. I’m absolutley going to pick up the full size (10ml) version of these oils.

The Aroma OM diffuser sells for about $90CAD and the Good Cheer diffuser Blend set is about $45

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