Sandalwood or Santalum Album or Sreegandha chandan-The fragrant wood

Sandalwood or Santalum Album or Sreegandha chandan-The fragrant wood

Sandalwood and its products have the finest of fragrance, one that lasts for years. The demand for srigandha is increasing amongst our clients’ every day. Since there is scarcity and industries are affected, we use alternates similar to Indian sandalwood that is procured from different countries. Sandalwood (Chandan) and its products are used widely from birth to incineration and also in temples and in prasadam. The oil of the wood is used for varied applications because of its unique chemical and physical properties. Further, it has gained a special place in aroma therapy, perfumery, agarbatti soaps and detergents, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and allied industries.
Chandana specializes in growing sandalwood saplings in a hygienic space and environment in Bangalore. As we understand the importance and value of sandalwood, we excel as nursery servers, consultants & plantation management. Utmost care and attention is given by our experienced personnel for growing every sapling
Sandalwood (santalum album) is a semi-parasitic plant, as a result natural regeneration is difficult. “A sandalwood seedling, right from a small sprout needs a host plant for effective growth. Like any other sapling, it requires the perfect mix of farm yard manure, sand and soil. However, we need to plant a primary host plant in a feet’s radius. The most tedious work is the host plant management as it dominates if allowed to grow higher than sandal. We don’t recommend any external chemicals to be added,” says Mr. G. K. Reddy .
Primary host needs to be a leguminous plant that can fix atmospheric nitrogen that is essential for sandalwood’s effective growth. We suggest Cajanus cajan (pigeon pea, Toor Dal) plant as it’s a primary host and further, it requires a permanent host. This depends on the area and ambiance in which sandal is being grown.

Santalum Album Line (Sandalwood) is commonly known as Chandan or Srigandha. Naturally grown sandal wood can be found in the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Kerala, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, U.P and Manipur. Chandan is a well-known as East Indian wood and it is priced high for its oil and heart wood across the world. These woods are used as medicinal agents on a large scale in the manufacture of ayurvedic medicines.
Apart from this, these woods are recognized by the National Medicinal Plant Board, and Govt. of India as a medicinal and aromatic plant. Moreover, there are varied types of species too and the best variety known until now is (Santalum Album line). It attains a height of 12 to 15 meters and girth of 100 to 200 cms. It is a semi-root parasite plant found in association with other plant.

But, all of the above plants are not quite competitive like the Indian Sandalwood and the Indian Sandalwood Chandan is in two different colors, White and Red.

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