Sea of Thieves: Legends of the Sea Locations in The Shores of Plenty Guide

Sea of Thieves: Legends of the Sea Locations in The Shores of Plenty Guide

The Legends of the Sea update for the Sea of Thieves has arrived!

A new little camp has popped up on Lagoon of Whispers, and in it you will find the chronicler of Pirate Legends: Umbra!

Aye, a historian—and an adventurer in her own right—Umbra chases tales of greatness throughout the world. Ah, but through the Devil’s Shroud, in the Sea of Thieves, so many stories abound that Umbra has asked our help in verifying these tavern tales.

When it comes to finding little easter eggs, the Shores of Plenty are plentiful indeed! This region boasts 24 of the 50 total Legends of the Sea locations! This guide begins on Sanctuary Outpost, continues on in the North then slowly wends it way further South.

Buckets of Fun (Sanctuary Outpost) – 0:13
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil (Sanctuary Outpost) – 0:37
Still Life (Sanctuary Outpost) – 1:13
Not Just for Sweeping (Sanctuary Outpost) – 1:44
Going Bananas (Sanctuary Outpost) – 2:15
One Cross Pirate (Sanctuary Outpost) – 3:00
Pirate’s In Portrait (Sailor’s Bounty) – 3:37
Legendary Larceny (Smuggler’s Bay) – 4:04
Through the Eyes of a Child (Smuggler’s Bay) – 4:34
Bound by a Book (Smuggler’s Bay) – 5:28
Wide of the Mark (Smuggler’s Bay) – 6:25
Run Aground (Salty Sands) – 7:16
Missing, Presumed Pirating (Lone Cove) – 7:44
May Contain Boom (Golden Sands Outpost) – 8:12
Pirate Port Pals (Golden Sands Outpost) – 8:47
Killer Qualifications (Golden Sands Outpost) – 9:25
Points of Contention (Golden Sands Outpost) – 10:02
Early Arrivals (Cannon Cove) – 10:49
Fool’s Gold (Cannon Cove) – 11:19
Merrick Role (The Reaper’s Hideout) – 12:09
Nice to be Wanted (Wanderer’s Refuge) – 12:30
Sleeping with the Fishes (Mermaid’s Hideaway) – 13:11
Dog Days (Mermaid’s Hideaway) – 13:41
Join the Club (Mermaid’s Hideaway) – 14:12

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