Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box | Simple Natural Mama

Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box | Simple Natural Mama

🌱 Wanting to get started with essential oils, but don’t know where to turn? 🌱

With so many voices and companies out there, it can be hard to decide. πŸ™ƒ

Because of that, I partnered with Simply Earth for this video to explain their trademark essential oil recipe box β€”- and how it makes having a natural home for the whole family fun and easy! πŸ‘Š

The first half 1️⃣ covers the recipe box and the second half 2️⃣ covers pertinent details.

I put it all in the same video to make it easy~ in one spot for you. But it is a lot of information with a tour of the box, info on the company and other products, and more. SO- check out what you want to know below + Watch at your leisure!

Here is the lineup:
🌱 0-8:10 β€’ Recipe Box details
🌱 8:10-9:55 β€’ Bonus Box details
🌱 9:55-12:50 β€’ Essential Oil Jewelry
🌱 12:40-13:45 β€’ Value + Education
🌱 13:45-14:35 β€’ Brief Summary
🌱 14:35-16:52 β€’ Transparency + Wrap Up

πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ P.S. Hurry because the boxes sell out!

To read more about essential oils for beginners, check out my article ➑️

Check out the oils firsthand here ➑️

Use the code SIMPLENATURALLIFEFREE to be sure to get the big bonus box along with it, too!

You can also join the group for more details and community ➑️

β€’I may make a small commission if you purchase using these special linksβ€’

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