Tea Tree Oil Benefits & Uses | Truman Essential Oils

Tea Tree Oil Benefits & Uses | Truman Essential Oils

We are talking about tea tree oil benefits in this video. Tea Tree Essential Oil is also known as melaleuca. It is an extremely powerful oil and has many uses as we will describe in this video. Gina, as always, also explains how to use the oil for each ailment.

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Tea Tree oil is really great as an anti-bacterial oil. So it’s a great first aid ointment. It’s also a really great oil to help get rid of fungus or things that grow because of fungus. So think of anything on the body that might grow because of that. We already know that Dandruff is a fungus on the scalp and that’s why tea tree oil you will see in shampoo sometimes. You can use this instead of buying an expensive shampoo. We can add it right to our shampoo or while our shampoo is in our hair, we can put a couple of drops on our fingertips and just massage it on our head. Use it in your shower. Make sure to close your eyes. We think of the feet also as a place where a fungus grows a lot.

A lot of people who are in sports can get athlete’s foot. You can also have toenail fungus. These are difficult to get rid of and the medications do so much damage to the liver so it’s just not a good option. If you’re patient and you use this Melaleuca or tea tree, just drop a drop under the toenail and do that every day, twice a day.

So when we’re talking about trying to get rid of something like this in our body it is going to take awhile. You have to be consistent. And again, it’s once in the morning and once at night. So if I have athletes foot and I want to get rid of that, I’m going to use one drop on the bottom of my feet in the morning and one drop at night.

I talked about toenail fungus and washing your hair (for Dandruff). This is also a great oil that you can use internally and because it doesn’t taste that great, a lot of times we put it in an empty capsule and just swallow with a glass of water. Melaleuca can help get rid of things that are growing in the body also. So when I take Melaleuca in a capsule, I usually will add Oregano and lemon essential oils. And remember when you’re taking it, I always use fewer drops. Please do not think that more drops are better with oils, because remember they’re detoxing the body and you don’t want all that stuff coming out in your body system at once. And if you take a lot of oils it can make you feel not very good in your tummy. So when I’m taking these oils, I will do two or three drops of each oil in a capsule and make sure that you drink a lot of water during that time.

So remember, it’s an antibacterial oil, so it’s good for any kind of infection going on. So if your little kids get these earaches, this is a great oil that you can put just on the bone behind the ear. We never want to drop it inside of the ear. If you’re a person that thinks that you need to put it in there, put it, just drop it on a piece of cotton and put the cotton in your ear., You’ never put oil down inside your ear. Also infections that could be in the bladder or different areas of the body. Remember, a great way to apply it topically is to get as close to the problem as what you can and rub it. So I’m going to rub one or two drops. Use it a couple times a day and you should find relief pretty quickly.
f you are experiencing a painful infection, you can use these oils more times a day. Just know that you cannot overdose on an oil. The reason why I say be consistent and use it morning and night is because a lot of people just forget,. But when you have an infection and there’s pain involved, you can use oils more often, and sometimes you need to in the beginning just to help get started with the healing.

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