Terrifying Bath Bomb Ingredients & Safer Bath Recipes

Terrifying Bath Bomb Ingredients & Safer Bath Recipes

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Bath bombs can be appealing because of their fun colors and relaxing scents. These “bombs” contain complex colorings and fragrances that fizz and dissolve to create (an often glittery) psychedelic-like rainbow in your bathwater. Are bath bombs safe? From hormone-disrupting chemicals to possible disease-triggering dyes infiltrating your mucous membranes, the standard bath bomb is not something I’d ever use.

In this video, I share what terrifying bath bomb ingredients you should steer clear of as well as how these ingredients can cause serious side effects and even lead to disease. But don’t worry. Your bath isn’t ruined. I’ll also share some of my favorite DIYs and all-natural bath hacks for a relaxing, enjoyable and safe bath time.

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