The Art of Crochet Project Healing Mind, Body and Spirit

The Art of Crochet Project Healing Mind, Body and Spirit

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My passion is the Art of Crochet. It’s one of the ancient art forms that has survived thousands of years. The ultimate achievement of my life expression is to change the consciousness of others so that they aspire to their highest ideals and become their best version of themselves. Click this link

My overall strategy is to empower individuals using the Art of Crochet as a healing tool to create viable solutions and alleviate suffering in the mind, body and spirit. Some studies show that counting stitches and following a pattern or chart while crocheting engages both hemispheres of our brains and releases serotonin in the body. Serotonin increases your pain threshold and higher serotonin levels also play an important role in getting depression under control. This helps depressed, chronic pain and chemo patients to better cope. Engaging both hemispheres in our brains strengthens our mental acuity which is a factor of interest with patients suffering from dementia.  It can be a form of relaxing meditation and mindfulness that lowers our blood pressure and brings us peace and joy. Completing a crocheted item boosts self esteem and self confidence levels which is a vital component to achieving success in our lives. Finally, color therapy has be used to treat the winter blues, addictions and eating disorders. Crochet yarn comes in every color of the rainbow!

I’m offering a unique brand of teaching crochet combining various modalities designed to allow one to tap into their creativeness, feel better, improve their quality of life and enhance their positive outlook of their future. A typical class may start with some light stretching, tapping or a short meditation prior to the teaching session so one can relax and access their flow of creativity. The choice of yarn will be colors that improve mood, clarity and focus. The choice of pattern will be an item that can be completed at that class, thus reinforcing the “I can do it !” attitude. I will offer beginner, intermediate and expert level classes weekly. Each class will accommodate up to 15 students and last 2-4 hours.

Besides the weekly classes, I would host one day crochet class events designed specifically for seniors, at risk adults, chemo patients and kids, as well as, a Yarn-bombing event.

Your support would be used to acquire the venues, advertise the classes and events via all major social media sites, local newspapers and flyers, print lesson booklets and some free patterns as a bonus, purchase crochet materials and create an interactive website.

As of now, I have founded The Energy and Arts Church of Healing, TEACH Non-Profit,  a crochet shop on ETSY, the Merri Medley Shop. I am currently a member of the CGOA and am initiated into First Degree Reiki of the Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing.

Like any successful endeavor I need support. Also, donations can be made online at or  

Thank you for your time and support of the Healing Mind, Body and Spirit Through The Art Of Crochet Project !

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