The Dark Mod: Let Sleeping Thieves Lie (Difficult | All loot | Stealth Score 0 | Ghost)

The Dark Mod: Let Sleeping Thieves Lie (Difficult | All loot | Stealth Score 0 | Ghost)

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Gameplay at 2:20

“Title Let Sleeping Thieves Lie
Released 2011-10-20
Version 1
Author(s) Sir Taffsalot, Bikerdude
Mission Type Single Mission
Size 12.6 MB
Description A couple of days ago I was hired for an unusual job. I was asked to assasinate the leader of the Unseen thieves guild jack Blackthorn. People have been known to say he is the devil himself I don’t usually take assasin missions but ever since I refused to join the Unseen thieves guild, Jack Blackthorn has wanted me dead. So i took the oppertunity to eliminate the threat.The mission went well and I managed to put a broadhead Through Blackthorns black heart. yesterday I was at the Builder’s Arms and overheard a conversation. Jack Blackthorn had returned from the dead to take revenge on the person who killed him. His grave was found open with nothing inside. This doesn’t sound good for me. I’m going to infiltrate The Unseen thieves guild in the sewers and see just what’s going on. While the city sleeps I might aswell take the oppertunity to make some profit. Word on the street is that the local church has a valueble artefact called the Dagger of St. Dunstan. That should fetch a nice price. I have a bad feeling about this. I don’t like dealing with the undead. it’s best to let sleeping thieves lie.”

Vision and hearing set to hardcore.

Difficulty level: Difficult

Time: 39:36
Times saved: 32

Damage dealt: 0 and recieved: 0
Health restored: 0
Pockets picked: 1
Loot acquired: 3614 out of 3614

Killed by the player: 0
KOed by the player: 0
Bodies found by AI: 0

Alerts: 15 suspicious, 0 searches, 0 sightings
Stealth score: 0

A level I enjoy very much, if only for how it necessitates the use of arrows and includes some content I’m a fan of.

Edited in Sony Vegas for 2 brightness, 3 contrast.

Go here to download the Dark Mod, free.

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