The making of Beeswax Lipbalm 🐝 | Diamond Bath

The making of Beeswax Lipbalm 🐝 | Diamond Bath

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Todays project was the natural lip balm kit from the lovely and divine Brambleberry! Highly recommend whether you’re a beginner crafter or have more experience. I originally wanted to tweak this recipe and add Green Tea flavoring for the balms from another supplier but after smelling the essential oil I was DECEASED. Simply had to leave the recipe exactly as it was. Enjoy the video and consider subscribing if you enjoyed!

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💎✨Soaping doesn’t have to be hard! After you’ve learned to properly handle your lye and want to have some soapy fun, get your equipment together!

💎✨Gadgets & Gizmos used—
Bella Immersion Blender –
Mica Powders –
Fragrance Oils –
10 Bar Soap Mold w/ Liner –
Single Bar Soap Cutter –
Red Crown Lye –

💎✨ Oils + Lye = 🛀♥️
Your recipe doesn’t have to be complicated! Try something simple to start off!

Basic Soap Recipe Ratios
— Coconut Oil 30%
— Palm Oil 30%
— Olive Oil 30%
— Canola Oil 5%
— Castor Oil 5%
*Superfat 7%

OR! Even simpler!
— Olive Oil 70%
— Coconut Oil 30%
*Superfat 7%

* Run your recipe through Brambleberrys Lye calculator to see how much Lye to use! I always do a 7% Superfat!
💎✨ Slowly as I’ve grown up I’ve found that crafting is a beautiful outlet for creative expression and stress relief. Most of my life I’ve bounced around with different ways to manage my General Anxiety Disorder and have only recently found the beauty in crafts! Whether it be Kandi making, extreme couponing, or, you guessed it – soap making, Ive found that all my worries and all my stress just drift away as I consume myself in things I love to do. From one anxious person to another, I urge you to try out a craft if you feel like you’re struggling! & Remember, you aren’t alone. Believe in yourself ♥️
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