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For the first time since its launch in 2014, the Hockey Scholar program, which consists of 12 learning modules, will be available for both teachers and parents to access. Up until now, the program has only been available through educational institutions and educators. Amid school closures, many parents are challenged with educating their children while they’re away from the classroom and this expanded access to the Hockey Scholar program provides families with educational resources to support them..

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping The 30 day session is generally dedicated to budget and financial matters, but the state Constitution empowers the governor to add other topics or billsLujan Grisham, a Democrat entering her second year in office, said Wednesday that she is asking lawmakers in 2020 to consider a host of familiar priorities including the legalization of recreational marijuana, establishing a new college scholarship program and creating an early childhood trust fundBut her initial list for the as it known, also includes toughening criminal penalties for human trafficking, use of a firearm in some felonies and racketeeringLujan Grisham said the bills are part of a broader strategy to target cartels, gangs and violent criminalsAt least one of the bills centering on the use of a gun in a non capital felony is sponsored by Republican Rep. William Rehm of AlbuquerqueRepublican lawmakers are also co sponsoring legislation for an electric vehicle tax credit, financial incentives for transmission lines and an overhaul of the pension system for government employees, all of which are on the governor agendaMost of the bills, however, are Democratic priorities, such as enacting a red flag law allowing the temporary seizure of firearms and putting parts of the Affordable Care Act into state lawcall for this legislative session, Lujan Grisham said in a written statement, the work we are undertaking on two fronts: addressing urgent needs and strategically investing in sustainable improvements over the long term. She can add other bills to the legislative agenda at any timeAmong the priorities announced Wednesday are:. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

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