Un-Armed Pirates, Intruders, & Thieves:Self Defense for Sailboats (Patrick Childress Sailing #43)

Un-Armed Pirates, Intruders, & Thieves:Self Defense for Sailboats (Patrick Childress Sailing #43)

Self Defense on Sailboats: defense Against PIRATES, INTRUDERS & THIEVES…

Please understand that this video is presenting some ideas about defending yourselves against having Un-Armed thieves and intruders board your boats…BEFORE they board your boat. We are still exploring this every day as full time cruisers, and what weapons we want on our boat to use to defend ourselves. We are not offering this video as advice on what weapons to have or not have on your boat…that is a personal call. This video is simply to introduce some more ideas of what’s available here in South Africa and open up a discussion between cruisers or those contemplating cruising. Everyone must decide for their own boat.
Please do not feel we are telling you these are good weapons to use in every case, and may even be dangerous to display. …they are simply ideas For devices to use in self defense on a sailboat, we do not necessarily use them to defend ourselves. We are well aware that pulling a fake gun or even a real firearm, on someone with a real gun will get YOU killed…as the video explains. This is a discussion about possibilities for warding off theft from mildly threatening intruders…not guys intent on robbing, raping, and killing you, like so many people want to discuss here. To make it clear to people NOT on boats…this is what to ward the guy off who comes on to your lawn…who is MAYBE gonna steal your lawnmower. Are you going to blow him away, or are you gonna maybe shoot a pepperball in his direction? This is what we are talking about in this video…It’s indeed hard to tell intent…and sometimes it’s best to assume the worst, but not hurt someone right away. If they keep coming, it may be best to have a plan B ready to go.
We have decided to make our first line of defense, after common sense, locking things up and not displaying them on deck…along with the installation of a super decked out security system onboard Brick House for Nobody will step onboard without us knowing about it, and alerts being sent to the local officials.

Here are 5 cool Ideas to deter an un-armed and not actually dangerous intruder who may decide to board your sailboat. Real Pirates on Sailboats…and real pirate defense..forget it…but opportunistic fisherman who want your cell phone…why let them have it when you can use a deterrent to scare these pirates away? These are perhaps some crazy ideas and methods to defend against pirates and intruders in S. Africa where this was filmed in June, 2019, without having guns on a boat, but they are here to consider as you contemplate weapons on your sailboat.

Sailing around the world, a cruiser needs a definite method to send a clear message to an intruder that he is about to step onto the wrong boat. But lethal weapons are often overkill and can turn the boat owner, into a criminal, landing him in a filthy foreign prison! We believe most of these weapons on sailboats are for use at a distance, and once here pirates have boarded the boat,it’s probably time for a plan B to defend yourself, and possibly locking yourself in the cabin to not be murdered. It’s very hard to tell someone’s true intention, and even if they are armed and dangerous, so care must be taken. All cruisers sailing around the world or just sailing their local waters need to decide individually what is right for their own situation for Defense on a sailboat.

Here is the self Defense/security for sailboats store In this video:

Also…another video about flares for self Defense, a new kind of weapon on boats.

Paintball marker for self defense on a sailboat:
Pepper Gel for self Defense on a sailboat :
Bear Spray for Self Defense on a Sailboat:
Taser for self Defense on a sailboat:

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