2 Ingredient Dry Shampoo Recipe

2 Ingredient Dry Shampoo Recipe

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Mornings in my house can be chaotic…who can relate?  I barely have time to brush my teeth let alone shower.  Once you have kids going to the bathroom by yourself is a luxury.  Dry shampoo has been my go to probably more times than I should admit, I promise I do shower!

Dry shampoo can allow you to preserve the natural oils in your hair, protect against dry scalp, all while saving you time.

Dry shampoo absorbs the extra oils in your hair making your hair look fresh and clean without shampooing.  It usually comes in a spray or powder form.

Anyone can benefit from this product including, men, women, and children.  It’s good for all hair types – thick, thin, oily, normal, and even dry.

 Conventional dry shampoo is loaded with toxic ingredients you will want to stay away from.

TALC- Talc is a mineral made up of  magnesium, silicon, oxygen, and asbestos.  Studies have shown links between asbestos and cancer, plus it can cause respiratory issues.
LPG’s (Liquid Petroleum Gas)- LPG’s are commonly used in aerosol containers and is what allows them to spray out.  It is a mix of butane, propane, and isobutane. It is highly flammable and toxic to the environment and human body.  It can cause headaches, respiratory issues, and mood swings.
Parabens- Parabans are a group of compounds used as a preservative in most cosmetic and personal products.  They mimic estrogen and cause hormone imbalances.  Parabans are found in 99% of breast cancer tumors!
Alcohol- Denatured alcohol is a mixture of ethanol (ethyl alcohol) with a denaturing agent. Ethanol is considered broadly toxic and has been linked to birth effects.
Fragrance- This is what makes it smell so good but can cause allergic reactions, contain hormone disturbers, carcinogens, and linked to damage sperm.



3 tablespoons arrowroot powder
2-3 tablespoons cocoa powder
5 drops of essential oil of choice

1/4 cup arrowroot powder
1-2 teaspoon cocoa powder (you can admit this if you have very light or white hair)
5 drops of essential oil of choice

Add arrowroot powder, cocoa powder, and essential oils to a bowl and mix well.  Depending on the color of your hair will determine how much cocoa powder you will need.  Start with less and add more until you reach desired color.  Transfer to airtight container to store.


Lavender- Studies have shown that lavender produces more hair follicles to help thicken and strengthen hair.  Lavender has a beautiful floral smell that can promote calmness and reduce stress; stress can be the biggest reason for hair loss.
Rosemary- Rosemary essential oil is the top oil for hair growth and thickness. It helps to treat dry hair as well as overly oily hair and can help prevent split ends.
Melaleuca- Melaleuca promotes a healthy, clean looking scalp. It can be used to help with a dry itchy scalp and protect against lice.
Cedarwood- This woodsy oil is great when you are making products for men because it has a very masculine smell.  In fact, I use cedarwood in all the DIY products I make for my husband and he approves. 😉  It stimulates hair follicles and increases circulation to the scalp making it a top oil for hair loss.
Peppermint- Peppermint oil is known for the cooling effect it has on the skin when used topically and for its refreshing minty scent.  Peppermint is also great for the hair as it promotes hair growth and thickness.
When choosing essential oils for your dry shampoo you can do a combination of several oils or just pick one.  I personally like to do a combo but go heavy on the lavender because I love the smell.  Get creative and switch it up!


You will want to use a make-up brush for application and just for the heads up, a little goes a long way!

Dip your make-up brush into the dry shampoo container, tap on a hard surface to remove access powder.
Divide hair into sections and apply by brushing the powder into the hair.  You will want to start at the roots and work your way down.
Allow powder to sit for 1-2 minutes, allowing it to soak up oils, and then brush your hair.
You can add more powder in if you see oily spots you missed after brushing.
After the powder has sat on your hair for 3-5 minutes you can style your hair as normal.

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