Anne-Marie Makes Turmeric Ombre Cold Process Soap

Anne-Marie Makes Turmeric Ombre Cold Process Soap

This Turmeric Ombre Soap is all about simplicity. It has skin-loving ingredients like cocoa butter, turmeric shea butter, and sunflower oil. The ombre design is made by layering various shades of turmeric powder. For a pop of color, the soap is topped with cornflower petals on one half and safflower petals on the other.

The bars are unscented, which makes this recipe perfect for those with sensitive skin. Feel free to add a fragrance or essential oil if youโ€™d like โ€“ find out how much to use with the Bramble Berry Fragrance Calculator.

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To help the turmeric pop, we recommend forcing gel phase. Soaping a little bit warmer (120-130ยฐF) and placing the soap on a heating pad should do the trick.

Turmeric Ombre Cold Process Recipe:
5 Pound Wood Mold with Sliding Bottom
Silicone Liner for 5 Pound Wood Mold
1.6 oz. Castor Oil (3%)
2.2 oz. Cocoa Butter (4%)
16.2 oz. Coconut Oil (30%)
7 oz. Olive Oil (13%)
13.5 oz. Palm Oil (25%)
10.8 oz. Sunflower Oil (20%)
2.7 oz. Turmeric Shea Butter (5%)
7.7 oz. Sodium Hydroxide Lye
16 oz. Distilled Water (10% water discount)
Turmeric Powder
Cornflower Petals and/or Safflower Petals

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