Have you heard about the new doTERRA Adaptiv? In this doTERRA Adaptiv video I will share you you facts about anxiety medicine, GABA supplement benefits, and natural solutions. I will also talk about essential oils for mental health and essential oils for mental wellness. There is lots of talk about GABA supplement for anxiety as natural anxiety supplements circulating around. I explain how GABA Supplements can act as natural anxiety pills.

The new Adaptiv Softgels are amazing for brain clarity and include calming oil. Dr. Hill shared with us how this supplement can be so beneficial to our mental wellness.

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The doTERRA Essential Oils included in this supplement are
Wild Orange Essential Oil:
Fennel Seed: Essential Oil:
Coriander Seed Essential Oil:
Lavender Essential Oil:

Research references used in this video lavender EO for agitation in dementia:

lavender EO affects serotonin:

coriander seed EO increases spatial memory:

coriander seed EO decreases oxidative stress induced by lead exposure:

Orange EO in PTSD:

fennel seed EO – notice the comparison to prozac (fluoxetine):

Ahiflower – must read:

GABA – the less benzodiazepines we take the more we can get response from GABA:

GABA research controlling seizures:

Sceletium – know your alkaloids:

In this video I reference doTERRA EO’s not yleo.
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