How To Stop Food Cravings w/ Dr. Elena Zinkov & Ari Whitten

How To Stop Food Cravings w/ Dr.  Elena Zinkov & Ari Whitten

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Sign up for the FREE double your energy masterclass here: Have you ever been on a diet only to find yourself craving a food that wasn’t included in the list of ”allowed” foods? Or maybe you are just hit with a desire for chocolate or burger and you ended up bingeing on a food that you know isn’t beneficial for your health? No matter what, you are not alone. Millions of people struggle with cravings on a daily basis. Unfortunately, most end up overindulging in these foods, which can cause long-term health issues. So, why do we experience cravings? And how to stop food cravings efficiently?

In this podcast, I am with Dr. Elena Zinkov, the founder of the Proactive Health Clinic and author of the fascinating book, ”The Crave Reset”. Dr. Elena’s passion is the science behind cravings and she has made it her mission to help people overcome their impulsive reactions to food cravings. Dr. Elena will uncover what science says about cravings and how to stop them.

In this podcast, Dr. Elena will cover
· Why we have food cravings
· The link between cravings and your brain (serotonin and dopamine)
· Why listening to your body’s signals (your intuition) are essential for optimal health
· Why fasting is essential to good health
· The different types of cravings
· How your environment can influence your cravings (and how to prevent falling into the ”craving trap”)
· How your body signals when it needs a specific nutrient/food (and when it doesn’t)
· The difference between intuition and impulse (and why they matter)
· Is the claim “if you crave a certain type of food, eat it” true?
· How to stop food cravings
· Why carbs are essential to stop cravings
· The difference between healthful and unhealthful carbs
The difference between cravings (when are they intelligent and when are they not intelligent?) (4:01)
The importance of fasting (09:19)
How to overcome cravings that are not contibuting to your health (14:26)
How serotonin and dopamine affect cravings (25:46)
How a nutrient deficiency can show up as a craving (33:20)
How to stop cavings (35:35)
How to stop food cravings – check your environment (39:06)
How to stop food cravings – do mindfulness (48:16)
How to stop junk food cravings (50:17)

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