How To Use Essential Oils to create Customized Skincare

How To Use Essential Oils to create Customized Skincare

Hi everyone!

Due to insistent public demand, we’re back with another How To Episode! In this video, we reached for our bestselling face and body care products and mixed them with our high-quality essential oils to create customized skincare products that will target many different skin dilemmas.

Ever experienced dealing with the following and don’t know how to get rid of them?
1. Bacne problems
2. Sagging/Aging Skin
3. Dry Skin
4. Anxiety

We created 3 blends in this video:
1. Invigorating and Skin-Clearing Body Scrub/Polish targeting bacne and rough skin!
2. Brightening Clear y Rosy Formulation
3. Glass Skin Bare It All Body Sorbet Formulation

I shared in this video why I loooooove Frankincense (THE King of Essential Oils with endless uses!) and Bergamot Essential Oil and explained the difference among all 10 from the V&M line.

Hope you enjoyed watching this video and we hope that you get to maximize the many wonderful uses of nature’s miracle workers – Essential Oils!

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