Osage Orange Cancer Cure Products Part 1 Maclura Pomifera Tree Fruit Hedge Horse Apple Edible Food

Osage Orange Cancer Cure Products Part 1 Maclura Pomifera Tree Fruit Hedge Horse Apple Edible Food

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The fruits of Maclura pomifera extracts inhibits glioma stem-like cell growth and invasion.


Glioma is the most common primary intracranial tumour. Recently, growing evidence showed that glioma possesses stem-like cells, which are thought to be chemo- and radio-resistant and believed to contribute to the poor clinical outcomes of these tumours. In a study, it was found that stem-like glioma cells (CD133+) were significantly increased in neurosphere cells, which are highly invasive and resistant to multiple chemotherapeutic agents. From our natural products library, it was screened 48 natural products and found one compound, Pomiferin, which was of particular interest. Our results showed that Pomiferin could inhibit cell viability, CD133+ cell population, sphere formation, and invasion ability of glioma neurosphere cells. It was also found that multiple stemness-associated genes (BIM1, Nestin, and Nanog) were down-regulated by Pomiferin treatment of glioma neurosphere cells. Taken together, our results suggest that Pomiferin could kill the cancer stem-like cells in glioma and may serve as a potential therapeutic agent in the future.

Disclaimer: One should used wisdom in treating cancer. A healthy lifestyle of eating healthy foods, exercise and positive support is encouraged. Good clean living is encouraged. A supportive doctor is encouraged. One has the right to choose how they treat their cancer.

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