Quick Overnight Oates Breakfast Recipe: doTERRA Wellness Wednesday

Quick Overnight Oates Breakfast Recipe: doTERRA Wellness Wednesday

Welcome to Wellness Wednesday: A doTERRA Original! Each week, join former NFL running back and essential oil enthusiast, Tim Hightower, for the best tips on fitness, nutrition, and mental wellness. This morning, Tim Hightower is sharing one of his favorite (healthy) on the go breakfast recipes! Check it out below!

1. Oats: Use plain old-fashioned oats and not quick oats because the consistency is best with rolled oats. You can also use gluten-free oats.

2. Milk: For the liquid part, you can actually make this with water! But it’s more common to use milk. You can also use plant-based milk like almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk or oat milk.

3. Chia Seeds (optional): These seeds are packed with tons of nutrition, and they help give the oats a pudding-like texture.

4. Greek or vegan yogurt (optional): This gives the oats a tangy flavor, creamy texture and boost of protein.

5. Vanilla extract (optional): This enhances all the flavors that go into the overnight oatmeal as well as giving it sweetness without any sweetener.

6. Sweetener (optional): Use date syrup to sweeten the mixture, especially because oats can be somewhat bland on their own. (can also use honey or maple syrup)

1 part oats + 1 part milk + 1/8 part seeds

To start, combine old-fashioned oats and chia seeds. You can use a bowl, a mason jar or just some glass cups. Next, add the Greek or vegan yogurt and vanilla extract. Then add the sweetener of choice and the milk. Then mix the overnight oats together until you see no clumps. Next, seal or cover with a lid, and chill in the fridge.

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Timothy “Tim” Hightower is not your average NFL athlete. After four years in the NFL, Tim was sidelined due to injury. It was an unfortunate setback but not enough to keep the running back away from the game. While the road to recovery and reclaiming his position on the field wouldn’t be easy, Tim was determined. Through physical and mental strength and living a healthy lifestyle, he made it back into the NFL where he’s proved to be a valuable asset on the field. Today, Tim credits the continued support from his family, chronicled faith, and commitment to living a holistic lifestyle for his continued success as a professional athlete. “Essential oils are a game-changer for me and the family,” Tim says. For optimal rest, relaxation, and support, Tim incorporates doTERRA in his daily routine, regularly using products like doTERRA On Guard®, Peppermint, Lavender, doTERRA Breathe®, and Deep Blue®. Tim’s favorite product is the Deep Blue oil, “After a long game, it helps my body and my muscles re-energize to get back and ready for the next game.”

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