Scentsy Diffuser and Essential Oils Demo

Scentsy Diffuser and Essential Oils Demo

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The Scentsy Diffuser is a fragrance experience like no other. Featuring the world’s most advanced ultrasonic nebulizing diffuser, a lifetime warranty, 16 LED lighting options, three mist options and decorative, interchangeable shades, it’s a stunning way to enjoy 21 new essential and 100 percent natural Scentsy Oils
Like Scentsy’s flagship warmers and wax, the Scentsy Diffuser and Scentsy Oils are a simple system: Add water and your favorite Scentsy Oil to the diffuser reservoir and choose your light and mist options. The diffuser releases your perfect fragrance, carried in a microscopic mist, for an exclusively natural, full-bodied, immediate fragrance experience precisely matched to your desires.

Our diffusers enliven any living space in your house and set a calming mood! Create your own experience with our 100% Essential Oils & Blends. Great for spas, meditation, yoga studios, massage therapy, and more! PLUS it comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY for any manufacture defects.

The oils in this video are my sample size bottle, they will come in a larger bottle, .5 fl oz and they range from $ 10-36 depending on which one. A few drops provides hours and hours of fragrance!!

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There are many benefits to using a Scentsy Diffuser. First, because the diffuser uses cold-mist technology, the fragrance character remains consistent throughout the fragrance experience.
Second, the diffuser offers high, low and intermittent diffuser modes, giving you more control over the intensity and longevity of your
fragrance experience.
Third, the diffuser offers 16 different light modes, allowing you to change your lighting to complement your décor or mood.
Fourth, you can customize your fragrance experience by adding more or less oil, or combining oils.

The Evolve shade(shown in the video) and Instill shade are made of hand-blown glass. The Aspire shade is made of porcelain.

FAQ from Scentsy, Inc. :
Can you use other essential oil brands in the Scentsy Diffuser? Yes, and it will not void your warranty.

Why can’t I ingest Scentsy Oils or use them topically?
Our intent is to provide an exceptional, natural fragrance experience rather than create oils for therapeutic or
medicinal purposes. This decision was based on the fact that claims about an oil’s therapeutic or medicinal
benefits cannot be verified by an impartial third party or government entity, and in the spirit of Authenticity, we
will not make claims that can’t be independently verified.
That being said, you may find the ingredients in Scentsy Oils are identical to the ingredients in oils marketed for
therapeutic or medicinal use. While we will never recommend or endorse using Scentsy Oils for this purpose,
using Scentsy Oils internally or topically should only be done at your own risk.
What is aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is a broad term for a range of therapies involving essential oils, including baths, massage and
other treatments whereby the oils are absorbed through the skin or inhaled. Aromatherapy is loosely defined,
and there is no consistent or standard definition.
Can Scentsy Oils be used for aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy generally refers to the use of aromas for therapeutic (pharmacological) purposes. Scentsy Oils
are not designed to be ingested or applied topically, so they are not intended for this purpose. However, there is
scientific evidence that specific scents stimulate the olfactory system – the parts of the brain connected to smell
– and can induce a chemical reaction in the brain which make a person feel relaxed, calm or even stimulated.
This is known as aromachology, which is the psychological or mental effect of smelling essential oils. Scentsy
Oils can absolutely be used for aromachology.

Are Scentsy Oils therapy-grade?
“Therapy-grade” is a misleading term; there is no official entity, governmental or otherwise, that screens,
evaluates or grades essential oils. In the spirit of Authenticity, we do not make any claims about our products
that cannot be substantiated or verified.

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