Targeted pain balm | Esters | Recipe 0047 |

Targeted pain balm | Esters | Recipe 0047 |

Esters are derived substances as they are usually the product of a reaction between an alcohol or phenol and a plant acid (containing the carboxylic functional group). Esters often reflect the activity of their parent alcohol or phenol. Ester are known for their typically fruity fragrance that can be detected even when present in low concentrations in an essential oil. Wintergreen in particular is powerfully aromatics. It is one of those oils you feel is going to work hard on our bodies just by the power of its aroma.

Wintergreen is our founding essential oil in this blend. Although caution and experiences required when applying it to a blend it is wonderful in small amounts and for short periods of time on a small area of the body. Sounds restricting doesn’t it? Don’t worry, wintergreen just need a little time, on a little space in a low dose to do her work so don’t be afraid to use her just make sure you can justify using her power on the body.

Rosemary camphor and marjoram combine in this blend to bring some analgesic, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant power. This Spanish marjoram is said to be a central nervous system sedative which is great if the pain is leading to emotional or mental stress and upset. Beware with rosemary, if oxidized it may cause skin irritation or sensitization. Juniper is brilliant in massage oils and baths, especially after extensive physical activity and it also provides emotional fortitude when one is overwhelmed. Finally, but not least, Lavender which is 42% linalyl acetate, another ester is emotionally and physically supportive in this blend.

This blend is 28.2% esters & 5% % methyl salicylate mostly due to the wintergreen content within the blend.
LabAroma shows that this blend is having the greatest effect on the muscular system while being energizing to the mind.

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